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General Use Scissors

The blades on left handed scissors are set so that, whichever way up you hold them, the left blade is always on top.  This means that the cutting action of the left hand pushes the blades together to give a smooth cut the whole length of the blades and also that a left hander has a clear view of the cutting line.

Item No: 206
Heavy Duty Household Scissors 128mm
Strong enough to deal with most household tasks, yet small enough to keep with you everywhere.  These top quality all metal scissors have been hot forged in Sheffield, then hand ground and finished in polished chrome.  With pointed ends for intricate cutting.  Screw adjustment.  With care, these scissors will give years of service.
Price $21.90*

Item No: 207
Heavy Duty Household Scissors 154mm

A real workhorse!  The same construction as the 206, but slightly longer and able to cope with thicker card and material.
Price $23.50*
Item No: 207A
Heavy Duty Household Scissors 178mm

The largest of the three heavy duty scissors, you will soon find these indispensable. Top quality all metal construction will last for many years and screw adjustment means they will always be accurate.
Price $27.80*
Item No: 256
General Purpose Scissors, 205mm Tortoise Shell Grips
Our best selling scissor! A good quality  scissor with stainless steel blades and tortoiseshell effect plastic handles.  Ideal size and weight for use around the home and office.  Excellent value.
Price $16.40*

Item No: 4K
General Purpose Scissors, Black Moulded Grips, 215mm
One of our most popular scissors with a lovely cutting action.  High quality, long lasting stainless steel blades and black plastic grips, moulded for comfort around the left thumb and fingers.  Also suitable as a lightweight dressmaking scissor.  Screw tightened for perfect tension adjustment.
Price $28.20*

Item No: 251
Soft Grip Multi-use Scissors 210mm
This new scissor in our range combines the ultimate in soft grip handles with precision ground & set stainless steel blades for optimum comfort and performance. The non-slip grip also makes these a good kitchen scissor, and the bow design is great for larger hands.
Price $23.70*

Item No: 252
Victorinox Scissors 160mm
A welcome addition to our range, this lightweight scissor is the perfect size to fit neatly into a handbag, sewing box or pencil case.  The brushed steel blades both have fine points for accuracy and cut beautifully through paper and card.  Swiss made by Victorinox, a guarantee of quality.
Price $28.20*

Item No: 259
General Purpose Scissors, black handle 216mm
Slim and lightweight, with a very comfortable grip, this new scissor is perfect for the office or study and combines nice style with a great price!
Price $16.40*

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