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"How can a pen be left-handed?" is a question we hear all the time.  Well, writing with a fountain pen can be a real problem for left-handers, as we are pushing the pen across the page rather than pulling it, which leads to difficulty with ink flow and the possibility of the nib digging into the paper. The problem is greatly alleviated by the use of a left-handed nib.

Most of our pens have a rounded ball on the end of the nib that is machined to give smooth ink flow writing left-handed from almost any angle. Nibs are either fine or medium as stated in the product descriptions. Some people prefer a wider nib to produce italic script and will like our italic / oblique nib pens.

It is important to remember, however, that handwriting position is just as important as a well designed pen.

Item No: 323
Tombow Pens
323B @ $74.30  TOMBOW PEN blue
323P @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN pink
323T @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN turquoise
323U @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN purple
323V @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN silver
323G @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN olive green
323K @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN black

We were delighted when the left-handed nib in this pen passed our writing test with flying colours, as all the staff love the modern sleek design and satin finish, not to mention the fantastic colours! Wonderfully smooth, the ball tipped oblique nib simply glides along the page, and combines with the comfortable grip and solid weight of the pen to give a real feeling of quality at an excellent price. Recommended if you like a medium nib width. Choose the colour that most inspires you and write something wonderful. Available in Purple, Pink, Turquoise, Olive Green, Blue, Silver or Black.
Price $74.30*
Item No: 363
363V - Polished Silver in case
363VB - Polished Silver set with ball pen in case
363K - Black Rubber finish in case
363KB - Black Rubber set with ball pen in case

The Escher Cartridge Pen
The Escher is a strong, heavy pen with two-tone steel case and wide, heavyweight barrel.  It is available in a polished silver finish with chrome fittings or a black rubberised finish with matt steel fittings.  It has a very smooth writing medium left-handed nib and is the only pen in our range with a screw cap.
Price $63.60*

Item No: 358
Da Vinci Fountain Pen
358G - Green
358B - Blue
358R - Bordeaux Red

This is a solid and reliable fountain pen range with a left-handed, medium gold-plated iridium nib and gold finish fittings. It is available in three distinctive colours all with marble effect finish.  A very smooth writer.
Price $47.10*

Item No: 368
Executive Black / Silver Slots Pen Set in Case
Executive style fountain pen with left-handed medium iridium nib unit.  Matt-black barrel and cap with bright chrome "windows" and pocket clip.  This set also includes a matching roller ball pen that is unusual in taking the same standard ink cartridge as the fountain pen - a really smooth writer!
Price $63.60*

Item No: 369
Inoxcrom Wall Street pen - boxed
- bright blue
369D - dark blue
369E - grey
369R - burgundy

Distinguish your writing with the Wall Street Titanium range from Inoxcrom.  We test hundreds of pens for left-handed use and this is one of our favourites - a real treat, gift-boxed with a medium nib unit.  The Iridium tip gives a really smooth feel when writing left-handed.
Price $85.40*


Item No: 370V
Inoxcrom Wall Street Pen - Silver / Gold Boxed
Top of the Excellence Range is the superbly finished Wall Street fountain pen with gold finish pocket clip and nib tip.  This pen has a very distinctive appearance and is our favourite in the office when we want to impress people!
Price $104.70*

Item No: 35B (blue), 35T (orange), 35G (green), 35R (red)
Pelikano Fountain Pen

An exceptionally smooth writing fine nib fountain pen which has always been one of customers' favourites.  Particularly suitable for older children, who will love its trendy, iMac inspired barrel and and adults who like a thinner nib, which is less prone to smudging.  The barrel provides specific grip for left hander's comfort.
Price $28.20*

Item No: 34B (Blue body), 34G (Green body), 34R (Red body), 34T (Orange body)
Pelikano Junior
A bright, sturdy version of our best-selling Pelikano, with a less delicate nib unit for younger writers, and name tags to keep it safe!  Supplied with Universal Ink Cartridge.
Price $25.90*

Item No: 324
Manuscript Italic Fountain Pen

Fitted with left oblique nib unit including 3 ink cartridges and converter for bottle ink.
Price $18.70*

Item No: 326
Student Cartridge Pen

A good value multi-coloured cartridge pen with comfortable grip and left handed medium nib unit. (colours may vary)
Price $7.60*

Item No: 359
Leather Wallet for 2 Pens
Slimline black leather pen wallet that will accept two pens. Styled with a tapered, tuck-in flap and two pockets on the inner flap for replacement cartridges.
Price $11.70*

Item No: 35AB (blue), 35AK (black)
Universal Ink Cartridges
38mm cartridges suitable for Pelikano pens, Student pen and all Genius pens.  All supplied in 6 pack.
Price $2.30*

Item No: 36AB (Blue)
Item No:
36AK (Black)
Large Pelikano Catridges

Price $4.45*


  * All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.  Call for P&H